Social Security Disability

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits an individual must meet the legal definition of “disabled” under the Federal Statute. That definition requires that an individual have a severe medical condition or disability that has lasted twelve months or more, is expected to last twelve months or more or result in death and prevents them from working.

When applying for Social Security Disability you must reveal ALL of your Medical Conditions and the names and addresses of all physicians treating you for these problems, as well as all diagnostic tests you have had and the results of all such tests. Whether or not you’re granted Social Security Disability Benefits depends upon your entire medical history, and all of your medical conditions taken together, not just medical conditions caused by a work related or other type of accidental injury. While a work related or accidental injury may initially cause you to become disabled from your job, it may not prevent you from performing the requirements of another type job that may be within your medical restrictions. However, taken together with other medical conditions you may have, you may reach the SSD definition of “total disability.”

Your application for Social Security Disablility will require you to sign an authorization form to release any and all your medical records to the examiner at the Social Security Administration who will be reviewing your claim. Sign the authorizations. It’s crucial to your case.  

Once you complete the application process for SSD benefits it will probably take sixty to ninety days or more for the Social Security Administration to review all of your medical records and make a decision on whether or not to grant or reject your application. If you receive a letter of rejection than you have sixty days (60) from receipt of that letter to file an Appeal which will be heard by a Social Security Administrative Law Judge. CALL US and make an appointment to meet with us immediately upon receipt of a rejection letter.

At Sagot Associates, P.C., we represent individuals who suffer from disabling medical conditions that prevent them from working and may qualify them for social security disability benefits. We can guide you through the process of filing an initial application for benefits, filing a reconsideration or appeal of a denial as well as represent you on appeal before an Administrative Law Judge. You may also qualify for social security supplemental income if you are disabled and your monthly household income and the value of your resources are below a certain amount. We have the experience you need to help you get the benefits you earned and are entitled to.

Call us now to see if you qualify.

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